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  • build: webpack --inline --colors --progress --display-error-details --display-cached
  • server webpack-dev-server --inline --colors --progress --display-error-details --display-cached --port 3000 --content-base src

Require options:

By the way there are several ways to require a third-party lib:

  • CommonJs require("./vendor/jquery/jquery.js") (sync)
  • AMD require require(["./vendor/jquery/jquery.js"], function($) { xyz }) (async)
  • AMD define define(["./vendor/jquery/jquery.js"], function($) { xyz }) (sync)

If you don’t want to provide a path: require("jquery") require(["jquery"], function($) {}) define(["jquery"], function($) {}):

  • by option: resolve: { alias: { jquery: "/path/to/jquery" } }
  • by directory: Put jquery into a folder `web_modules.

If you just want to use $ and jQuery without require:

  • option: provide: { $: "/path/to/jquery", jQuery: "/path/to/jquery" }

When thirdparty library requires $ or jQury then use:

  • require(“imports?$=jquery!bootstrap”);