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Basic commands

  • git init - Init local repo
  • git status - displays status of the repository
  • git diff --staged - diff to staged (commited) files to local repo
  • git add -all - Add all changed, new and removed files
  • git commit -m "Commit message" - performs commit of added files to the local repository
  • git remote add origin - add remote repository link to local repository
  • git push origin master - transfers changes from local to remote repositories
  • git push -u origin master - remember settings that next time you can use only git push
  • git push origin --all - push everything to remote repository including branches
  • git add --all & git commit -m "Update" & git push - add all, commit and push together
  • git checkout discard changes in working directory
  • git reset --hard - all changes will be reverted
  • git clean -df - clean all untracked directories and files
  • git clean -df && git reset --hard && git pull - discards any change and updates branch
  • git branch | grep -v "master" | xargs git branch -d - removes all branchces except master and current

Excluding files from repository

Reference: To exclude certains directories and files you need to place them in .gitignore file. Here you can find some examples for popular project structures:

The purpose of gitignore files is to ensure that certain files not tracked by Git remain untracked. To ignore uncommitted changes in a file that is already tracked, use git update-index --assume-unchanged. To stop tracking a file that is currently tracked, use git rm --cached.

Push to all git remotes with the one command

Create an all remote with several repo URLs to its name:

git remote add all [url1]
git remote set-url --add all [url2]
git remote set-url --add all [url3]

Then just git push all --all.

This is how it looks in .git/config:

  [remote "all"]
  url = [url1]
  url = [url2]
  url = [url3]



  • git branch -a - display branches
  • git branch --merged - display only merged branches
  • git branch --no-merged - display only no merged branches
  • git branch -df <branchName> - force to delete branch locally
  • git push origin --delete <branchName> - deletes branch remotelly
  • git pull -a --prune - prunes all local branches


  • git format-patch -2 HEAD - create patch out of 2 previous commits to autogenerated file
  • git format-patch -2 HEAD --stdout > fix.patch - create patch out of 2 previous commits to file fix.patch
  • git apply --stat fix.patch displays stats about patch
  • git apply --check fix.patchchecks patch if possible to apply
  • git apply fix.patch - applies patch

Reverting changes

  • git reset --soft HEAD^ - uncommiting latest commit and make all changes unstaged. It works when the commit is not pushed to upstream


Generate private / public keys


To use ssh with remote repositories you need to publish your public key to this services. It can be localized here:

clip <  ~\.ssh\

Git tools


[SmartGit] is a graphical Git and Mercurial client. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X (10.5 or newer) and Windows (XP or newer).

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eugenesan/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install smartgithg

Github tools

  • Travis - CI
  • - Stories board
  • - icons
  • - Test Coverage History & Statistics
  • other

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