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  • GIT
  • NodeJS and NPM
  • global NPM libraries: sudo npm install -g webpack webpack-dev-server typescript

Init Angular 2 project with seed

Clone repo from

git clone ng2uikit-app

Install dependencies:

cd ng2uikit-app
npm install

Run app:

npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000


NG2 seed app

uikit styles

Replacehome.html content:

<div class="uk-container uk-container-center uk-margin-top uk-margin-large-bottom">

  <div class="uk-grid" data-uk-grid-margin>
    <div class="uk-width-medium-1-1">

      <div class="uk-vertical-align uk-text-center"
           style="background: url('') 50% 0 no-repeat; height: 450px;">
        <div class="uk-vertical-align-middle uk-width-1-2">
          <h1 class="uk-heading-large">Sample Heading</h1>
          <p class="uk-text-large">Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac
            cursus commodo.</p>
            <a class="uk-button uk-button-primary uk-button-large" href="#">Button</a>
            <a class="uk-button uk-button-large" href="#">Button</a>



app without styles

Need to tell webpack how to build uikit theme and bundle them with app.

Install uikit as a npm module. We will need it later as an runtime dependency so save it with --save :

npm install uikit --save

Install less and other resource loaders for webpack. We will use them only for building app so use --save-dev :

npm install --save-dev less-loader style-loader less url-loader file-loader

In webpack.config.js :

  module: {
    loaders: [
      {test: /\.less$/, loader: 'style!css!less'},
      {test: /\.woff(2)?(\?v=[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9])?$/, loader: "url-loader?limit=10000&mimetype=application/font-woff"},
      {test: /\.(ttf|eot|svg|png|gif)(\?v=[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9])?$/, loader: "file-loader"},

Create src/styles.less file with content:

@import "../node_modules/uikit/themes/default/uikit.less";

@icon-font-path: "../../fonts"; //fixing wrong relative path

Add as a first line to file main.browser.ts:

import './styles.less';

Need to restart watch process in order to apply new loaders.


app with styles

uikit dynamic elements

So far static elements like panels or buttons are showing properly. However dynamic components using javascript will fail.

Modify about.html file by adding on the end:

<!-- This is the anchor toggling the modal -->
<a class="uk-button uk-button-primary" href="#my-id" data-uk-modal>Open dialog</a>

<!-- This is the modal -->
<div id="my-id" class="uk-modal">
  <div class="uk-modal-dialog uk-modal-dialog-lightbox">
    <a href="" class="uk-modal-close uk-close uk-close-alt"></a>
    This is a dialog box

Open http://localhost:3000/#/about page and click button. Result:

app without js

This is actually because we didn’t povided all required scripts (dependencies) yet.

Need to install runtime dependencies. uikit is already installed, however it requires also jQuery. Install jquery runtime dependencies as a npm module and save it using --save :

npm install jquery --save
npm install imports-loader --save-dev

Add uikit with jquery as it’s dependency to be bundled for the browser. Add below code to the bottom of vendor.browser.ts :


Need to restart watch process in order to apply new loaders.


app with js


Go to uikit customizer:

Modify elements that you wish:

theme customization

Download less file, rename it to theme and put it in the app directory.

Example theme.less content:

/* theme: Default */

// General

@global-background: rgba(94, 209, 255, 0.33);

// Icon

@icon-font-path: "../../fonts";

Modify styles.less file. Mind that you can remove fix for fonts as overrides already contains fix:

@import "../node_modules/uikit/themes/default/uikit.less";
@import "./theme.less";

Mind that if you have changed the default main theme then first line should be modified as follow:

  • Default - ../node_modules/uikit/themes/default/uikit.less
  • Gradient - ../node_modules/uikit/themes/gradient/uikit.less
  • Almost Flat - ../node_modules/uikit/themes/almost-flat/uikit.less


theme customization